McDonald's launches coriander ice cream sundae and people brand it 'violence'

McDonald's launches coriander ice cream sundae and people brand it 'violence'
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McDonald’s in China has launched a new and unusual sounding menu item with its coriander sundae, and people aren’t impressed.

The news came through Twitter user Daniel Ahmad who posted a picture of the ice cream complete with green sauce and chopped coriander on top.

In a tweet, he wrote: “Mcdonald's China launched a Cilantro Sundae special menu item today, which is interesting…”

The response to the coriander sundae was a mixed bag, varying from curiosity to complete and utter disgust.

One person replied: “Big food crime.”

Someone else said: “This is an example of choosing violence.”

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Another person admitted: “Real talk I’d totally try this.”

Another person said they're up for giving it a go, writing: "Weirdly enough, I actually want to try."

In other McDonald's-related news, one woman recently found a preserved hamburger in her wardrobe after 5 years.

Coriander is certainly a bold flavour to mix with ice cream, but some people in the comments highlighted that it’s not the only unusual flavour combination they've seen from some McDonald’s chains around the world.

One person revealed McDonald’s in Thailand serves chilli paste pork ice cream. They wrote: “McDonald’s Thailand would like to say hello.”

Someone else added: “they do violence like this on the reg. last year it was an oreo and spam burger.”

Sounds... interesting.

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