McDonald’s is now rationing fries in Japan after potato shortage

McDonald’s is now rationing fries in Japan after potato shortage

McDonald’s in Japan is rationing potatoes after the country experienced a shortage of spuds.

In an announcement from McDonald’s Japan last week, customers that visit outlets in Japan will temporarily be limited to small-size servings of French fries.

“While it is difficult to procure raw materials in a stable manner, we have cooperated with importers and suppliers to proactively take alternative measures such as arranging airmail, and have continued to provide ‘McDonald’s Potato’. From December 24th (Friday) to December 30th (Thursday), 2021, “McDonald’s Potato” including set menu will be sold only in S size so that many customers will continue to enjoy it without interruption,” the company wrote in the statement.

McDonald’s Japan further said that it is securing supplies needed and said that it expects the issue to be resolved by New Year’s Eve.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s Japan told Indy100 that the sales of Medium- and Large-sized French Fries were “temporarily limited” as a “proactive measure to ensure customers could continue to enjoy McDonald’s French fries.”

“During that time customers were able to order Small-sized French Fries at all of our restaurants. To date, there have been no breaks in supply,” they continued.

Three planes from the US are now helping to fly potatoes into Japan to aid the nation’s shortage. Flexport, an American freight forwarding company, said it was aiding Japan to deliver potatoes.

“Update: @Flexport just contracted to fly three 747 loads of potatoes to Japan to help with the French fry shortage,” tweeted Ryan Peterson, the Flexport CEO, on Tuesday.

It’s unclear as to which chain the imported potatoes are for.

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People on Twitter were a bit perplexed that a potato shortage is happening.

“There’s a #frenchfries shortage?!” someone gasped.

“This is interesting... potatoes being flown in?” another added.

A third wrote: “French fries, boba, coffee beans, beer. Things we take for granted until our logistics system fall apart.”

Indy100  reached out to Flexport for comment.

This article was updated on 29 December to include a statement from McDonald’s Japan.

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