Woman explains why she has to lie to taxi drivers about who she's going home to

The #MeToo movement has popped the lid off sexual assault experiences, and droves of women across the world continue to share their trauma in an effort to educate, and to hold their abusers accountable.

In the wake of this, women have been using social media to demonstrate to heterosexual men the tiring and often detailed plans and lies they have in place in preparation for possibly being sexually assaulted.

Just last week, a woman called Sara on Twitter revealed that a man had made her feel like she was in danger after he came around with the intention of buying a dryer she was selling, only to spew sexually explicit things to her – in her own home.

Now, a string of tweets from writer Jill Gutowitz have gone viral after she explained the lies she has to tell overly interested taxi drivers when she gets picked up at night.

She begins the thread: “I’ve seen tweets going around about how normal situations for men can be dangerous for women. Here’s another: Male Uber/Lyft drivers OFTEN ask me, and ONLY at night when I’m alone, after we’re already en route, 'So where are we headed?' I’m careful not to say 'home'.”

Gutowitz goes on to explain that she lies to male taxi drivers and tells them she’s going to a boyfriend’s house – despite being gay – in order to feel safe.

It wasn’t long before women chimed in on the post with their own coping mechanisms to keep safe, and it’s pretty heart-breaking.

One woman wrote: “Got an uber home from uni and the driver was asking me if I’ve ever had sex and saying I could have it with him because I’m disabled and was in pain [sic] told me he’d give me a massage and then I could give him one with a happy ending and then gave me his phone to put my number in.”

Others shared their uncomfortable experiences with male taxi drivers.

However the silver lining in the viral post is that male allies were out in full force.

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