This simple question about moving a meeting has everyone furiously arguing about how time works

When a meeting gets moved forward, does that mean it is now sooner or later?

We’ve all been there: you’ve got a meeting scheduled for midday. You get your notes in order, make sure you’ve had a decent breakfast so there’s no risk of the embarrassing stomach rumbles, and plan your day accordingly.

But then, at 9:30 an email is sent around telling you that the meeting has been moved forward by two hours.

So you show up at the meeting at 10am like a fully normal, functioning human being.

Apparently, you’re the only one.


That's right – the internet is split on how to understand time.

In the TikTok video posted on Twitter, a guy in a bucket hat and funky shell printed shirt explains that we are split in to viewing time in one of two different ways.

If you think the meeting is now at 2pm, then you have a “ego-moving perspective of time,” which means that you see yourself as moving forward through time.

But if you interpret the meeting as being moved to 10am, then you have a “time-moving perspective of time,” where you stand still as time moves towards, and passes over you.

Is this the new Yanny or Laurel question? Could it even trump The Dress debate?

It certainly seems to have stirred up some strong opinions.

Someone even did a poll to try and settle it.

What a debacle.

PS See you in the meeting room at 10am.

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