Megan Fox is being praised for letting her sons wear 'girls' clothes'


In today’s fast-changing and ever-connected world, discussions of gender roles and stereotypes are found throughout popular culture and mainstream media.

This week actress Megan Fox has been receiving praise online after paparazzi photographs emerged of her running errands with her sons. In the photos, her sons can be seen wearing garments, such as dresses or skirts, that are traditionally thought of as “for girls”.

The emergence of these photographs, alongside photographs of actress Charlize Theron with her children, opened up a contentious debate, with both actresses receiving praise for letting their children wear what they want and not enforcing gender roles.

But where there is praise, there are inevitably those who feel less comfortable with children deviating from the norm.

At indy100, we salute Megan Fox for letting her children make their own choices.

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