Meghan Markle shares message of thanks after secret visit to bakery helping disadvantaged women

Meghan Markle has praised an East London bakery for the work they do for women.

The Duchess of Sussex has posted to her Instagram account about her admiration for a social enterprise bakery for women. Luminary Bakery describes itself as

a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for women to build a future for themselves. We provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically - encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances.


Ms Markle visited the bakery earlier this year as part of her Vogue September issue guest editorship. Her post showed a great level of admiration for both the women who set up and have been helped by the organisation;

The Duchess of Sussex said in the post;

“What they’ve created at Luminary Bakery is exceptional - it’s a space for baking, healing and rebuilding. When I visited earlier this year I was struck by how the baking, itself, is a means of therapy for these women - which in many ways makes complete sense - feeling they had no control over their lives based on their previous (and often harrowing) circumstances, they found comfort in the measured nature of baking."

She went on to comment 'Mixing equal parts of one ingredient and another could yield the perfect dessert, but the act of doing so provided personal balance. So while the baked goods are absolutely delicious, it’s the story of how the program at Luminary reshapes lives through baking that is the actual icing on the cake.”

The Duchess has four patronages currently, The National Theatre and The Association of Commonwealth Universities, which were both handed down to her by the Queen. In addition, she has put her name to Smart Works and Mayhew. A charity that helps unemployed women find work, and an animal welfare charity respectively.

The September issue of Vogue is on sale now.

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