Meghan McCain tried to burn Democrat Jay Inslee over the New Green Deal, but it backfired, badly

Meghan McCain tried to burn Democrat Jay Inslee over the New Green Deal, but it backfired, badly

Meghan McCain appeared on 'The View' Monday to discuss the New Green Deal with Washington governor Jay Inslee, however it didn't go that well for her.

McCain was hoping to burn Inslee, who was talking about the New Green Deal as a way of dealing with climate change, however she used a series of misinformed claims to do so, taken from CPAC and right-wing think tanks.

McCain's first line of attack was that the deal would reportedly cost $600,000 for every person in the United States.

She said:

It would cost $93 trillion or, to every person in this room, $600,000 for each of your households.

She then added:

When I hear that an average American is going to have to spend $600,000 for a Green New Deal, you can understand how people like me don’t think that’s logical.

However, Inslee had the perfect riposte:

Well, this is a lot like the death panels you heard about in Obamacare. We don’t have death panels and we don’t have $600,000 costs.

Inslee, 1. McCain, 0.

But McCain wasn't giving up that easily. Next, she went in with the line that the deal means that Democrats literally want to ban planes, cows and railways. Yes, really.

We’re talking about $51 trillion, the elimination of planes, the elimination of cows, a railway, no planes, I guess nobody can go to Hawaii anymore.

It doesn’t sound rational to me. 

Inslee again responded with calm, rational confidence:

It doesn’t sound rational because those are the things that Donald Trump said.

We are not going to eliminate cars. We are not going to eliminate trains. We’re going to have what I have in my driveway today which is a blue GM Bolt made in Michigan with American workers.

He then discusses the potential for biofuels, and a green, climate-aware America.

McCain then goes in for a third line of attack, which, as you've probably come to expect now, is roundly shut down.

In another line of attack, she says that Democrats seem to talk the talk, but not walk the walk when it comes to climate change, quoting statistics of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's fuel consumption.

She then goes in for the same line that the Green Deal would force home owners to spend $600,000 each.

But no fear, Inslee was again the voice of reason:

That is not what’s proposed in the Green New Deal.

Game, set, match to Mr Inslee!

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