Meghan McCain rips into Republicans over comments about her father

<p>Meghan McCain</p>

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, the daughter of late US Senator John McCain, has ripped into Republicans after seeing disparaging comments posted about her father.

In a tweet posted by the Arizona Republican Party, the legacies of former and current Republican senators Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and John McCain were targeted. It read:

“As the sun sets on 2020, remember that we’re never going back to the party of Romney, Flake, and McCain. The Republican Party is now, and forever will be, one for the working man and woman! God bless.”

In response, Meghan McCain tweeted in disgust at the unkind words about her father, writing: “Honestly whomever is running this twitter account can go to hell.”

The TV personality and The View host identifies politically as a Republican, but has been openly critical of the Trump administration. Her mother and John McCain’s widow Cindy McCain, a lifelong Republican, also showed her disdain for Trump by endorsing Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the recent presidential election.

Others were equally outraged:

In another tweet, Meghan McCain then went on to poke fun at how poorly the Arizona GOP did in the recent election, as Joe Biden was the first Democratic presidential nominee to take Arizona since 1996, when Bill Clinton did.

The Republican senator Martha McSally was also beaten by Democrat Mark Kelly who was elected as Arizona state senator.

McCain has often been critical of the way in which Trump has led the Republican party, as well as his offensive remarks about her late father, like calling him "one of the most overrated people in D.C."

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