Melania Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ plans now she’s no longer First Lady have not gone down well

Melania Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ plans now she’s no longer First Lady have not gone down well
Noam Galai/Getty Images

Melania Trump plans to continue her ‘Be Best’ campaign beyond her tenure as First Lady.

She has reportedly hired staff to work on the initiative, which she began partway through her husband’s presidency, and is currently searching for an office space in Florida.

‘Be Best’ is known as a public-awareness campaign against cyberbullying, although its scope is relatively broad and has also variously included the promotion of a “healthy and balanced lifestyle” in children and advocacy against the abuse of opioids.

The irony of an anti-cyberbullying campaign being run from inside the White House was pointed out during Trump’s presidency: “Be Best” began trending on Twitter after Trump tweeted that the then-16 year-old Greta Thunberg needs to “work on her anger management problem”, for instance.

More recently, Trump was banned from Twitter altogether after he helped to incite the deadly Capitol riot, in part by repeatedly and baselessly tweeting that the election had been stolen from him through mass voter fraud.

Melania Trump’s “ridiculous” decision to keep working on ‘Be Best’ has sparked ridicule. Especially at a time when her husband is still claiming that the election was stolen from him and faces his second impeachment trial in the US Senate.

Trump’s new Be Best office will be staffed with some of her former White House staff, according to CNN.

Her current office is reportedly running in her husband’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where the former president is also living.

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