People think these pictures sum up the difference between Melania Trump and Jill Biden

People think these pictures sum up the difference between Melania Trump and Jill Biden

In a battle to be the first lady, there is little to do to secure the spot since it all depends on whether your husband wins the presidency.

People do tend to take notice, however, of how a first lady decides to dress (think: Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, and even young Hillary had her moments).

Whether this is actually relevant, important, sexist or not, FLOTUS fashion was the talk-of-the-town when Melania Trump chose to wear the now infamous “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket while en route to an immigration detention centre after children had been separated from their parents under Trump’s hardline immigration policy.

After the second night of the Democratic Convention where Jill Biden gave her speech, Twitter re-upped a meme comparing Melania’s jacket with a piece Jill wore: a black jacket with the word “Love” emblazoned on the back.

“Jill Biden cares, do you?” Matt McDermott tweeted, and people were quick to note the metaphor as an apt comparison between the two women.

“And the dichotomies continue,” one user wrote. “Just think about the character, accomplishments, and dedication that Jill Biden has and compare those things to Melania’s character,” another said.

Biden and Jill celebrated his formal nomination on Tuesday at the library of the Delaware high school where Jill once taught English.

More generally, the Democrat worked to present a stark contrast to the current administration by putting Jill Biden front-and-centre, considering first lady Melania Trump’s unprecedented absence from official and campaign events.

Melania has been big in the news lately, however, after she was filmed repeatedly refusing to hold the president’s hand.

Despite an investigation that showed she was likely just trying to hold down her skirt, maybe she just “really doesn’t care” about being first lady in 2021 anyway.

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