Footage of Melania Trump and Donald Trump making their way out a plane has people speculating about whether things are quite as they seem.

The Hill posted the footage on Sunday evening – in the clip, Trump visibly reaches for Melania’s hand several times as she turns away, opting to hold onto the handrails a little more intensely.

Some people had no sympathy for her.

The eagle-eyed spotted the two of them holding hands later – just a little out of the view of cameras.

But others pointed out that Melania’s skirt had a full frontal slit, and seemed to be in grave danger of flying up in front of the press. So she might not have been rejecting Trump’s offers to hold her hand so much as trying to make sure she didn’t flash everyone in front of her.

Either way, if Melania were to leave Trump – she’d probably get a book deal and a podcast out of it. But given everything we know, that seems more like Resistance fan fiction than anything else.

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