Melania Trump picked now of all times to redecorate and people are speechless

In the middle of a deadly pandemic and intense social unrest, Melania Trump has decided to set her sights on redecorating a garden.

While it is somewhat unclear as to why this project has taken precedent for the first lady, it actually seems in line with her usual indifference to dire political moments — in 2018, she wore jacket saying 'I really don't care, do u?' to visit migrant children separated from their parents by her husband's administration.

Nevertheless, many social media users made clear not only their ire, but general confusion, as to why she suddenly made this decision at such a fraught time when doing literally anything else might seem more useful.

“With Nearly 150,000 dead from coronavirus, 18 Million unemployed, and unemployment benefits ending, Melania will revamp the Rose Garden as her husband does nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering,” one Twitter user wrote.

The White House announced Melania’s plans for a “significant renewal” of the garden on Monday in a press release, stating that this “much-anticipated project” sought to “improve one of the most iconic locations on the White House grounds”.

The New York Timesdescribed the White House Rose Garden as "a signature showcase of power used by presidents for decades," explaining why Melania might be working on the decoration effort as her husband works to be re-elected.

This was not a good enough excuse for most people: “Why is Melania Trump announcing a Rose Garden renovation in the middle of a national crisis? 149,000 Americans have died in a window of a few short months,” another user said.

The similarities to Marie Antoinette were not lost on anyone.

Marie Antoinette began trending on Twitter, as users said that the renovation was a “let them eat cake” moment. (The infamous queen supposedly said this in response to her being told peasants were starving.)

In the middle of what also can be described as extreme chaos across the US, Melania might as well have said "let them eat roses".

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