The meninist who thought women should be taxed for having periods has been dumped by his mortified girlfriend

Monday 24 October 2016 10:45

The meninist who went on an anti-tampon rant, telling women to "control their bladders", has been dumped by his girlfriend.

Ryan Williams, 19, criticised the end of the so-called 'tampon tax' on Twitter, saying:

If you can't control your bladder that's not the taxpayer's problem.

His girlfriend, Clare Kennedy, also 19, was apparently so mortified by his ill-informed views that she has ended their 15-month relationship.


Ryan took up an extra biology lesson at college to attempt to win her back, and took photos to prove his attendance.


Williams has since said he will not be taking her back and will be sticking by his views, despite death threats, because:

Feminists should be taxed if they are going to keep being incontinent.

The photography student from Canvey Island in Essex, said on Sunday:

My girlfriend dumped me after her friends had sent her pictures of my tweets.

She was crying when she saw some of the abuse I was getting. She was upset that I came out as a Meninist and her family were upset that she was being associated with me.

She is worried people will think she is weird.

My course leader from my college stopped me in a newsagents and asked me to go in the next day so she could speak to me properly. I went hoping I could win Clare back by trying to get some of the hate to stop. She tried to explain about some anatomy. I pretended she helped a lot, had her take some photos of me and then left as fast as I could.

It was a complete waste of time.


He says his girlfriend initially supported him when his tweets against the eradication of the tampon tax went viral, and that he does not regret his rant:

My depression has been hard to cope with especially with the online abuse now, though I try to ignore it as I know that what I'm saying is helping promote a good message and educate women and young girls.

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