People are accusing this company of trivialising mental illness

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Over the past few years, there has been massive progress made towards eradicating social stigmas attached to mental illness.

But every now and again, there’s a small setback.

Earlier this week, 17-year-old Hollie noticed a sign in a Missguided store, which said:

I’m a psychotic mess but at least my eyebrows look good

Hollie tweeted:

Kinda disappointing @Missguided thinking a severe mental illness is 'quirky' and 'relatable'

She sent a letter of complaint to the retailer, writing:

I visited your store in Westfield, Stratford yesterday, and was shocked and upset to discover an offensive sign displayed within the store.

As psychosis is a severe mental illness (and not something ‘relatable’ or quirky’), I fail to understand how this sign is at all appropriate. I hope you’re able to understand why it is necessary that this is removed. 

And others agreed:

The store has apologised to Hollie, who plans to go to university to study psychology, but has yet to say whether it will remove the sign or not.

In a statement the store wrote:

Our store design is carefully considered by a dedicated team who will assess the appropriateness of signage, bearing in mind our target audience and those visiting the store.


Psychosis is a severe mental illness that causes hallucination, delusions, confusion, disturbed thoughts and lack of awareness.

Every year there are 1,696 new cases of psychosis diagnosed in England.

indy100 has contacted Misguided for comment.

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