Pornhub denies reports it is donating Mia Khalifa's video profits to Israel aid

Pornhub denies reports it is donating Mia Khalifa's video profits to Israel aid
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The devastating Israel-Hamas conflict has created a surge in misinformation and fake news across social media, with many more people claiming they have been shadowbanned online for trying to shed light on the history of Palestine.

Now, it seems, there have been fake reports regarding former adult film star Mia Khalifa and Pornhub, relating to the conflict.

For context, according to Al Jazeera, at least 2,670 Palestinians (a quarter of them children) have been killed in Israeli air raids, with a further 50 families reportedly being wiped from the civil registry, as per the health ministry. The number of Israelis killed in the Hamas attack remains at 1,400, including 286 soldiers, says the publication.

Justin Bieber shared his support for Israel on Instagram – while unknowingly using a backdrop of a destructed Gaza block, Kylie Jenner posted an Israel solidarity image which she swiftly deleted and lost hundreds of thousands of followers as a result.

Even Israel's official X/Twitter account was hit with a correction when they said ISIS and Hamas were the same.

Meanwhile, Khalifa had a work contract terminated for her comments on Palestine.

"Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal," she wrote on X/Twitter.

She later returned to social media to clarify her comments, adding: "I just want to make it clear that this statement in no way shape or form is [inciting] spread of violence, I specifically said freedom fighters because that's what the Palestinian citizens are... fighting for freedom every day."

There have since been claims on social media that Pornhub stepped in and started donating her video profits to Israel aid funds since her comments.

Rumours the company have since shut down to Indy100.

In a statement, a Pornhub spokesperson simply shut down the claims online as "not true".

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