Michael Cohen tapes: Trump yelling 'get me a coke, please' during recording becomes hilarious meme

Lowenna Waters
Wednesday 25 July 2018 08:30
Picture:(Mark Wilson / Getty Images )

A secret recording of Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen discussing a hush payment for a Playboy model Karen McDougal's story about an alleged affair has been made public.

The conversation was recorded in 2016 when Trump was still a presidential candidate, and it offers a glimpse into the intimate talks held between Trump and his former lawyer.

In the tape, Trump can be heard discussing buying the rights to Playmate of the year 1998 Karen McDougal's story, in which she alleges that they had an affair in 2006.

In 2016, The Wall Street Journal revealed that American Media, which owns the pro-Trump National Enquirer, bought the rights to the model's story for $150,000 but didn't publish.

Aired exclusively on Cumo Prime Time, it seems that the Internet was more interested in one particular moment of the exchange than any other.

At one point, just before casually discussing buying the rights to the story, Trump can be heard yelling:

Get me a coke, please!

And, of course, the moment has become a meme.

Some noted that the 'get me a coke please' moment was the highlight of the conversation.

Others compared it to that classic moment in The Godfather.

Others also got a bit thirsty.

A few got creative.

Wow, he actually said please!?

Is this even real life...

Well, one thing's for sure. The 'get me a coke, please' has spawned some thirsty memes...


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