Michael Gove is clearly over answering questions about the recent Dominic Cummings controversy.

Sky News host Kay Burley asked Gove a question on Tuesday via the Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, who tweeted:

Gove simply responded live on air:

Well I wish the bishop well.

Stunned at the short response, Burley asked “Is that all you want to say to him?” and Gove repeated his previous remark.

When pressed yet again, Gove finally relented:

Yes, well I’m a Christian too and I think therefore I have great respect for the church, for the bishops [and] for the leadership that they exercise. I wish him well.

Gove’s short answers drove many to question the absurdity of what they just saw:

Dominic Cummings has faced increasing pressure to resign after driving his wife and four-year-old child from London to their family’s home in County Durham.

Although Cummings maintains he didn’t break any laws, many people think he’s broken “the spirit” of lockdown and has effectively undermined the government’s messaging.

At the time of writing, over 265,000 people are confirmed to have coronavirus in the UK, with sadly 37,048 deaths.

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