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This general election hasn't been short of mishaps, glaring gaffes and typos on campaign leaflets have been a prominent fixture.

Just a few days ago an image of Lib Dem leaflet from Cumbria which featured the phrase 'insulting every home' went viral.

We haven't seen many prominent parliamentary candidates fall foul of such an embarrassing mistake, until now.

Micheal Gove, the Tory minister and Brexiteer, seems a tad late in distributing his leaflets for Surrey Heath but one has now come to light.

A tweet by Donna Wishart, featuring Gove's leaflet announces the Tory as:

A stong local voice for Surrey Heath.

Yes, read that again:

A stong local voice for Surrey Heath.

That my friends is literally what it says on the leaflet. 'Stong.' Not strong but 'stong.'

As Wishart pointed out:

If the Conservatives can't spell 'strong' what hope have we actually got?

As you can imagine, there were a lot of jokes about the embarrassing mishap for Gove.

We would suggest reading the Urban Dictionary definition of "stong" but it is very NSFW, so perhaps do it in your own time.

HT: Metro

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