As politicians go, Michael Gove is known for being a smooth operator.

Well, except for the fact he’s failed at becoming Tory leader every time he’s tried. But remember when he infamously knifed Boris Johnson in the back to stop him from becoming PM in the aftermath of Brexit? That was a fun drama.

Given that the Conservative government won a huge majority at the last election, the drama of the post-Brexit era feels like a distant memory. Gone are the days where we didn’t know whether the government was about to collapse, here are the days where we have to entertain ourselves with more niche, silly moments.

Gove was in the hot seat in front of the House of Commons Brexit Select Committee. Hillary Benn questioned him about an apparent contradiction on the government’s published assessment of a potential trade deal with the US.

With a wry smile, Gove said that it was an “evolving picture”.

In the background there was laughter as this extremely slippery and nebulous statement. As Benn clarified that he thought it was more of a contradiction than an “evolving picture” Gove, who looked rather pleased with himself, went to pour himself some water.

But he seemed so distracted by his own joke that he ended up pouring the water all over his phone and papers.

*Face palms*

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