Michael Gove and Nigel Farage argue after Tory refuses to thank Brexit Party for helping them win the election

Michael Gove and Nigel Farage argue after Tory refuses to thank Brexit Party for helping them win the election

Even though they won the election, you can always count on the Tories to act without grace or humility.

In a fiery exchange, Michael Gove got into an argument with the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, after he refused to thank the latter for helping the Tories achieve a majority.

Although the Brexit Party failed to win a single seat in the election, their presence arguably helped the Tories defeat Labour in key seats across the Midlands and in the north of England.

However, during an appearance on Radio 4's election coverage, Gove refused to acknowledge the assistance that Farage had given to the Tories, despite even being asked to by host Emma Barnett.

She said:

Do you want to use this opportunity to thank Nigel Farage for helping you in this election?

Wouldn't that be a Christmassy, charitable thing to do?

It's time to pay your debt. Look at him. He's sat next to you ready for your thanks.

Gove stood his ground and denied Farage such an honour, saying:

The people I most want to thank are all those that helped fight for a Conservative victory at this election. 

The candidates who stood. The activists who worked so hard and the voters who appear to have supported us.

Almost everyone in the studio scoffed at Gove's attempt at a thank you with Barnett adding that he should also be thanking the Brexit Party candidates who stood down.

Farage, completely unimpressed at what Gove said, fired back.

Michael, I can tell you that if we had stood against you, from Surrey to Landsend, the Liberal Democrats would have won a couple of dozen seats and I did it not because I like your deal, I think it needs amending, I did it because I want to stop a second referendum.

I wouldn't expect anybody in the Conservative Party to thank anybody. They only think about themselves.

I'm afriad that's what you get with first past the post electoral politics. I hope this will inspire some sort of political change in this country but I doubt we are going to get it.

Farage then went on to detail why he doesn't actually think the Tories will 'Get Brexit Done', which Gove disagreed with, leading Farage to declare that the UK will be 'trapped' for three years as he knows that Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, will remain stubborn on the deal, which Gove belligerently tried to say wouldn't happen.

Although Farage didn't get a direct thanks from the Tories, he has been more than happy to gloat about Labour's collapse on social media.

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