Comedian imagines what really went on in that Boris Johnson interview and it’s amazing

Comedian imagines what really went on in that Boris Johnson interview and it’s amazing

By now, we've all seen that Boris Johnson interview. You know the one, where he mumbles on about making buses out of old wine crates as a way to 'unwind'?

Yesterday, the potential future prime minister spoke to Talk Radio's Ross Kempsell, and when he was asked how he relaxes, he launched into the bizarre rant.

It goes without saying that the clip went viral on Tuesday after it hit social media, but this 'behind-the-scenes' take by comedian Michael Spicer about what was really going on is the only explanation that makes sense. Plus, it's hilarious.

In a The Thick Of It-esque clip, the comedian can be heard speaking to Johnson through a headpiece, telling him how to respond to the questions.

In the clip, Kempsell says:

Very quick stuff on your personal lifestyle, what do you do to relax?

Spicer then responds:

Don't just sit there saying nothing, say something! You paint, you make things!

He then adds:

Say something you farce of w***! Don't just sit there saying nothing!

Boris then interjects:

I have a thing where I make models of...


Sheep, cars, fried eggs... erm... I've got it I've got it. Say buses right now! Say buses!

Kempsell, deadpan:

You make models of buses?


Argh, no, you don't... that's stupid, you don't make models of buses... argh.... 

You get tables, laptops, crates.... wooden crates! 

Old wooden crates, and you paint them. 


Suppose it's a box that's been used to contain two wine bottles...


No, don't mention wine you massive fart!

Ah, so that went really, really, well didn't it?

People on social media absolutely loved the clip.

If only Malcolm Tucker had been on hand, we're sure he would have known what to say.

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