It's not very often that LBC host James O'Brien actually agrees with a Brexiteer who calls into his programme, but this time might well be an exception.

Leave voter Anthony called James to say he was 'staggered' by potential future prime minister Boris Johnson's phone-in with Nick Ferrari, and said that he was confused by why he'd allowed himself to be so influenced by him.

Speaking to O'Brien, he said:

I can't believe that I was partly influenced by Boris to vote Leave, frankly.

He then added:

I can't believe the interview. I thought it was awful. I'm almost wanting a grown-up to be interviewed.

After that interview I'm lost for words.

O'Brein then pressed him on what exactly it was that changed his mind on Boris and made the 'scales fall from his ears' during the 35-minute interview, and he responded:

Almost straight away. He just wouldn't answer a question.

For someone who has done so little in talking to people in the build-up to becoming Prime Minister, I can't believe he didn't have anything to say. I'm staggered by it. 

I'm absolutely staggered by it. 

In response, O'Brien says that he can 'sense of political despair' in the caller's voice, adding:

There's a sense of having put everything on black and they've just spun the wheel and it's red.

Anthony agreed, saying:

That's a very fair way of describing it.

Finally, wrapping up the interview, O'Brien asks Anthony if this whole situation has 'changed his view on Brexit, yet'.

I think truthfully, it makes me question how much I've been caught up in the two tribes thing, you know.

I think the nastiness and the abusiveness in the way that we've probably discussed Brexit, I think people dig their heels in, and I'm probably guilty of that. 

Finally, in summary, O'Brien thanked Anthony for the call, saying that to choose that as his very first contribution to LBC is 'really honourable, actually. That's not a word I use very often'.

How very touching. We're not crying, you are.


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