Trump supporters vandalise library honouring Michelle Obama

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A library dedicated to former first lady Michelle Obama has been vandalised with pro-Trump graffiti.

The Washington library, located close to the White House, was set up following the election of president Trump.

It features a plaque reading:

In Honor of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Lawyer, writer, and First Lady of the United States.

Library founder Dolan Galaviz told the WashingtonPost that the library had been attacked numerous times, with vandals breaking its window and damaging the plaque. The vandals even scrawled “Trump” over Obama’s name on the building. She told the newspaper:

Who would do that?

If there is one thing that should be off limits it’s the idea that we all deserve access to books.

Residents also expressed shock at the frequent attacks. Local resident Debby Hanrahan told the Post:

I’ve never seen the vandal. None of us have time to stand guard and protect it.

We are a neighbourhood of writers and readers. For somebody to have something out for a little library, I just can’t fathom it.

Dolan Galaviz said that she named the library after Obama as an act of resistance to Trump.

I think the whole city was reeling from the realisation that the Obamas were going to be out

This was a way of saying, ‘We are still here.’ It was a little act of, not rebellion, but standing our ground.

H/T: Newsweek / Washington Post

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