The first and only vice presidential debate of the election took place on Wednesday evening and when it was all said and done all anyone could talk about was a fly.

Yes, that's right a small fly that landed on the head of Mike Pence managed to steal all the spotlight from the vice president and his opponent Kamala Harris.

The fly was reportedly on Pence's head for nearly two minutes and nobody, not even the debate moderator Susan Page said anything to alert the VP to his new friend.

At the time, Pence was explaining why he believes it is an "insult" to the police and law enforcement to suggest that their is systematic racism towards Black people in their institutions.

The fly did manage to distract from the controversial thing that Pence was saying it did prove to be perhaps the biggest talking point of the night as Twitter was soon buzzing with memes of the vice president and his insect companion.

There were predictably numerous mentions of the classic 1986 horror movie The Fly where Jeff Goldblum turns into a human/fly hybrid. We doubt that is going to happen to Pence but at least the tweets are funny.

Even Joe Biden couldn't resist making fun of Pence's misfortune and has already launched and is selling branded fly swatters on his official campaign website.

Republican senator Rand Paul couldn't resist making a joke either.

Also, never forget how Obama dealt with a fly.

CNN's Anderson Cooper probably summed to whole debate up quite nicely in just a few seconds.

In terms of the actual debate it was nowhere near comparable to the embarrassing spectacle that we witnessed in the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden last week and was probably the better for it, with many considering Harris to be the victor although some would say otherwise.

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