How one man brilliantly shut down Mike Pence's horrifying plan to block Medicaid

How one man brilliantly shut down Mike Pence's horrifying plan to block Medicaid

An outstanding video had gone viral of an emergency physician calmly confronting Vice President Mike Pence over the Trump administration’s newly unveiled plan to block Medicaid, a move that could well end up robbing millions of people of healthcare coverage.

Dr Rob Davidson, placidly seated at a Des Moines dine, said: “I work in one of the poorest counties in Michigan and my patients depend on expanded Medicaid, so how is that going to affect my patients?"

Pence is originally seen claiming he “hadn’t heard about cuts to Medicaid” before trying to shift the conversation to a discussion about his time as governor of Indiana. Davidson, fortunately, was having none of it:

I was talking about the president and your administration right now, what they're doing. Right now, they're cutting Medicaid... Your administration just announced this, they rolled it out today.

The good doctor is seen to say, of Medicaid: “It's been a godsend to the patients I serve. It's their lifeline.” He wouldn’t let it lie either and later tweeted:

I confronted him about his damaging health care cuts because for me it's not about politics, it's about saving lives… He either doesn't understand, or doesn't care about the impact of this administrations' policies on patients everywhere.

That’s how you deal with a politician in a public place.

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