Donald Trump appears to have forgotten the name of his vice president.

The president inexplicably referred to Mike Pence as “Mike Pounce” during a rambling and often incoherent speech in Baltimore on Thursday night.

When listing a group of Republican figures at an event, Trump said:

Chuck Grassley was there and Joni Ernst and John Thune and… Mike Pounce… and so many, just a whole group of great people…

You would think Trump would be able to remember Pence’s second name at least as it’s on most of his 2020 merchandise.

Social media users quickly picked up on the president’s mistake.

And some people pointed out that Mike Pounce would actually be a good name for a pet cat.

As Pence generally avoids calling out the president on his mistakes, it’s surely only a matter of time before the VP accepts that his name is now “Mike Pounce”…

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