Miley Cyrus accuses producers of sexism over 'ridiculous' comments about her performance

Miley Cyrus accuses producers of sexism over 'ridiculous' comments about her performance

Miley Cyrus recounted her experiences of sexist producers recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Rogan has had a wide range of guests on the show before, from Elon Musk to Bernie Sanders.

During her appearance, Cyrus talked about a recent experience she had with sexist producers.

Cyrus explained that she had found some producers were more than a little dismissive of her.

She explained to Rogan, “I was just asking some questions, not even on some diva shit. I wanted the lights to be turned off and then the lighting of the room to just be lighting me. So no key light, no beauty light. The beauty light is always used on women, and I said turn the f***ing lights off. You would never tell Travis Scott or Adam Levine that he couldn't turn the beauty light off.

So they did, and the producers agreed that they would just do the same thing with lighting her as they would with men.

But when she started filming, it seemed like all of Cyrus’ bracelets and jewellery kept getting caught in clothing.

Her producers then told her: “You want to be treated like a guy and lit like a guy? We wouldn’t be dealing with this if a guy was doing it.”

Cyrus rebutted by pointing out that a guy wouldn’t be doing the kind of performance that she was.

Well a guy wouldn't be doing this because a guy doesn't sell your show with sex the way that I'm going to," she recounted. “And I'm aware of that.”

She added to Rogan: “It's a ridiculous conversation and also embarrassing.”

Cyrus went on the Joe Rogan podcast recently to talk about going back into music, her career and what she had been up to for the last couple of years – as well as gaining more control over her life.

She also touches on sexism in the music industry later on in the conversation, saying:

“Come on, why am I not getting that I'm a creative mastermind but I'm becoming a bitch? No one would ever say that about Kanye West choosing what lighting he wants on a performance.”

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