This woman had the best response when a man told her 'Muslim women are oppressed'


Milo Yiannopoulos, a Breitbart editor who specialises in inflaming far-right sentiment, recently gave a talk at the University of New Mexico.

Milo, if you're unfamiliar with his body of work, enjoys using a platform to propagate hatred toward Islam, argue against the gender pay gap, and rage against 'Social Justice Warriors' (SJW's).

He's currently on a "Dangerous Faggot Tour" of American universities - his latest booking required cancellation at the University of Berkeley as students rioted against him.

At the University of New Mexico, Yiannopoulos began to speak about "oppressed Muslim women", at which point a Muslim woman stood up to criticise him.

The woman was Sandra Akkad, a teacher and third-generation Palestinian-American from Albuquerque.

A photo, taken by the Albuquerque Journal, captured the moment:

The mum was quickly identified by her son, whose identification went viral.

It also drew the attention of other Twitter accounts who praised her stand.

She told Buzzfeed News she attended the event with an open mind:

Unfortunately, from the moment he opened his mouth I knew where he was headed.

Using a PowerPoint presentation and in a very sarcastic heckler style, his white supremacist, racist, and xenophobic comments came out loud and clear.

Comments about issues such as immigration, border, the wall, the denigration of Islam and its association with terrorism, and the oppression and maligning of Muslim women, specifically Muslim women who wear hijab.

The protests at the University of California Berkeley were peaceful on Wednesday from 5pm till 6pm, the Guardian reports, until "several dozen protesters wearing black face masks and carrying glittering flags arrived."

Some barricades were used to smash windows and firecrackers were shot at the building, and after 15 minutes the event was announced to be cancelled.

The student protests later caught the attention of Donald Trump:

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