3 powerful testimonies from women about what #WorldHijabDay means to them

New York resident Nazma Khan founded World Hijab Day in 2013 in an effort to celebrate the women who choose to wear a hijab - as well as foster understand and religious tolerance, by inviting women to experience the hijab for one day.

Since then, it's gained global recognition, and women and men are taking to twitter to celebrate the diversity inherent to the day.

Using the twitter hashtags #WorldHijabDay and #IStand4Hijab, people are using their platform to raise awareness about what the hijab means to them.

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, a Catholic school in the Philippines, organised an event for the day which consisted of a short talk on the subject of Islam. They also spoke about the idea that wearing the hijab is not a form of oppression, but rather a personal choice.

Picture:Picture: Jazz Solomon

There are some critics who argue that there is more to resisting bigotry than wearing a scarf...

While others insist that the day is about celebrating diversity:

indy100 spoke to three Muslims, about their thoughts on the hijab...

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