M&Ms cancel Spokescandies after 'polarising' Tucker Carlson-led backlash

M&Ms cancel Spokescandies after 'polarising' Tucker Carlson-led backlash
Tucker Carlson complains that M&M character is no longer wearing 'sexy boots'

M&M's have announced an "indefinite pause" of their world-renowned spokescandies in an unexpected turn of events.

It all started last year when the Mars Inc-owned chocolate brand gave their famous characters a mini-makeover.

Beloved M&M mascot 'Brown' was handed some lower thicker-heeled pumps and 'Green' traded in her high-heeled stiletto boots for "cool, laid-back sneakers" – which created a bizarre debate online.

The subtle changes passed over most peoples' heads, but some were infuriated by the brand's decision to make their fictional chocolate candy people "less sexy". There were even debates around the "Marilyn Monroe of the chocolate world" being slut-shamed, and people demanding she got her heels back.

The change came as part of its "global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive."

In a statement at the time, the company added: "These include a commitment to gender-balanced leadership teams, running an independent annual diversity audit of its advertising (run by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media) and its role as vice chair of the Unstereotype Alliance, part of UN Women, amongst others."

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One person, who didn't take the news too well was Fox's Tucker Carlson.

Speaking on his show last year, the 53-year-old said: "Bet you didn’t think M&Ms were pushing intolerance, but they were, they’ve been changed. You’re seeing those changes on the screen. The green M&M, you will notice, is no longer wearing sexy boots. Now she’s wearing sensible sneakers. Why the change? Well according to M&M's, 'We all win when we see more women in leading roles.'"

He continued: "The other big change is that the brown M&M has 'transitioned from high stilettos to lower block heels,' also less sexy. That’s progress. M&M's will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally androgynous. Until the moment you wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them. That’s the goal. When you are totally turned off, we’ve achieved equity. They’ve won."

Now, M&M's have turned to Twitter to announce that the classic mascots will have an "indefinite pause".

They confessed that they didn't expect "anyone would even notice" the character changes last year, adding: "we definitely didn't think it would break the internet."

They added: "In their place, we are proud to introduce a spokesperson America can agree on: the beloved Maya Rudolph.

"We are confident Ms. Rudolph will champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong."

A spokesperson told Indy100: "M&M’S® just announced that beloved actress and comedy icon Maya Rudolph will become the brand's newest spokesperson and take on the role of M&M’S Chief of Fun, using her humor and captivating personality to help the brand build on its mission to create a world where everyone feels they belong.

"Her first appearance will be with a starring role in M&M’S upcoming Super Bowl LVII campaign.

"Maya will serve as the brand’s new spokesperson, allowing the colorful cast of M&M'S spokescandies to step away and embrace a new path to pursue other passions.

"While we can’t say much more now, fans should keep an eye on M&M’S social media channels and to see more of Maya’s journey, and we will share more on the spokescandies new pursuits over the next few weeks."

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