Mum's trendy baby name mocked as sounding like a cat litter scent

Mum's trendy baby name mocked as sounding like a cat litter scent
Kylie Jenner has given her followers a new glimpse of her baby ...

For a new parent, choosing a name for your child can be one of the most difficult things to settle on; just ask Kylie Jenner who has yet to formally change or announce her son's name.

In a new Reddit post, one expecting mom shared the two names she was debating on for her baby. She took to the site to get input from others but the reaction surely wasn't what she was expecting.

"I am stuck between two very different feeling names for a future baby girl," she began her post. "Future baby boys would be named Griffin and Dane. For a girl, I’m thinking either Marlena Rose or Winter Rose."

She further explained her choices, "I love Winter more but it’s also very trendy and I have a feeling it will be dated whereas Marlena is more classic."

In response, many roasted the name Winter Rose the mother was contemplating.

"I like Marlena more than Winter. It feels vintage without being dowdy, plus Winter Rose kinda sounds like a candle scent," wrote one person."

One person even compared it to a litterbox.

"I have a cat called Winter - his twin is Ghost (GOT named bottle litter)... Winter Rose scented anything immediately makes me think of litterbox LOL Marlena all the way!!" they wrote.

Another person said: "Winter Rose sounds kinda try-hard and Marlena sounds more elegant, so Marlena Rose gets my vote.”

"Oh wow, please not Winter Rose. That’s… unbearably cheesy. Winter itself is not bad, but the combo sounds like you picked it when you were eleven years old. Marlena is nice, uncommon but not trendy, good nickname possibilities," another chimed in to say.

Others were a bit nicer about the name and made suggestions as to how she could combine the names.

"I like them both! Have you considered using them as a first and middle name? I think both Winter Marlena and Marlena Winter sound nice. But if you love Winter more, I’d go Winter Marlena," they wrote.

“I love both, but I think Winter Rose sounds a bit Celebrity Baby Name (not necessarily a bad thing). I think Marlena Rose has a great ring to it, but they're both beautiful," one said.

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