Monopoly has set up a helpline to help defuse family arguments over Christmas

Monopoly has set up a helpline to help defuse family arguments over Christmas

Helplines have been an instrumental tool used by charities for decades, helping them to deliver guidance, advice, and friendly conversation.

But the latest telephone bank to join their distinguished ranks has only one task. Its job is to defuse Monopoly related arguments.

We've all been there, the family are around for the holidays and in the past 12 months you have all forgotten how much anger and pent up rage the London-based property board game can generate.

In fact, research found that half of Monopoly games end in an argument, and the board game's makers, Hasbro UK & Ireland, felt they had to intervene - Think of them as telephone peacemakers.

The helpline will be open from 24 to 26 December, where experts will be one call away; ready to cite the official rules of Monopoly and advise on how to resolve common complaints.

The most common Monopoly arguments, according to a poll of 2 000 adults, include fellow players:

  • Making up rules
  • Buying a property someone else wants
  • Taking too long
  • Stealing from the bank
  • Being too cocky when things are going their way

Ringing up a third person to resolve things, however, definitely won't antagonise everyone further... We don't think.

The Monopoly Hotline can be reached on 0800 689 4903. Don’t suffer in silence.

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