MSNBC airs fake advert for Trump’s ‘Ultimate Blunders’ album after G7 gaffes

MSNBC airs fake advert for Trump’s ‘Ultimate Blunders’ album after G7 gaffes

MSNBC’s Morning Joe has poked fun at Donald Trump’s G7 gaffes with an advert for a CD collection of his “ultimate blunders”.

The weekday breakfast show, which has frequently clashed with the president in recent years, aired a fake commercial for “The Ultimate Collection of Trump Blunders: G7 Edition”, complete with a smooth jazz soundtrack and kitschy 80s-style backdrop.

The CD offers the chance to own “the world’s greatest collection of Donald Trump’s lies [with] dozens of beautiful fabrications, exaggerations and insults.”

The collection, which includes the hits “Pretending Melania has met Kim Jong-un” and “Why don’t they call the UK ‘England’ anymore?”, will set you back $26.99.

Or if you want something a little cheaper, you can check out Indy100’s rundown of Trump’s worst moments (on Twitter at least) of 2018 here.

Morning Joe's presenters Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were once friendly with the president during his 2016 campaign but have since fallen out of favour with him.

In 2017, Trump repeatedly lashed out at the MSNBC hosts, calling them "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" and "Psycho Joe".

In response, Scarborough and Brzezinski accused the White House of blackmailing them by threatening them with the release of a negative article in the National Enquirer, a tabloid run by Trump's ally David Pecker.

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