We've elected the most diverse parliament ever

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Things are looking less “strong and stable” by the minute in the aftermath of the general election. But one cause for celebration is the new parliament, which is more diverse than ever before.

We now have more black or minority (BME) MPs, female MPs, LGBT MPs and disabled MPs representing us in Westminster.

And having MPs who resemble the wider population often makes for a fairer society.

Women MPs

We have a record breaking 207 female MPs, lifting the new total in the Commons up from the previous 196 female members.

The ratio of men to women in parliament is nowhere near even, but it’s heading in the right direction.

Moreover, in 116 seats the only choices on the ballot paper were men.


There also eight new LGBT MPs, raising the total to 45 according to this senior policy advisor at the Government Equalities Office.

Disabled MPs

We also have two more disabled MPs – doubling the total in Parliament – Jared O’Mara and Marsha de Cordova.

Religious MPs

We also have our first female Sikh MP, Preet Gill, to represent Birmingham Edgbaston.

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