This is the most unattractive thing a straight man can do after sex


Men, bragging about your sexual prowess after sex is the biggest faux-pas.

A new study titled ‘Do Women’s Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement for Men?’ looks at the actions of heterosexual men post-coitus, and the impact it has on their partner.

Researchers S B Chadwick and S M van Anders took 810 men with a mean age of 25 years old, and instructed them to read a brief passage in which they imagined that an attractive woman either did or did not orgasm during a sexual encounter with them.

Participants were then told to rate a) their sexual esteem and b) to what extent they felt more or less masculine depending on whether or not the woman experienced an orgasm.

Results found that men felt more masculine and reported to having a higher sexual esteem if they imagined that the woman did orgasm.

This implies that making a woman orgasm is at least partly connected to the masculinity achievement for men.

The paper goes on to reveal that men can “ruin things” by boasting about their own sexual performance, therein making the orgasm about them, and not the woman who experienced it.

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