Over 200,000 people from Mosul have been displaced by the fight with Isis

The northern city of Mosul in Iraq is one of the key arenas of the fight against the terrorist group Isis.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the war has displaced more than 200,000 people from Mosul since the offensive began in October 2016.

Statista has compiled this information, to plot the rising number of people made homeless by Islamic extremism.

After a slight dip following the recapture of eastern Mosul, March has once again seen a sharp rise in displaced persons, likely due to the beginning of the offensive on the western half of the city.

The Mosul offensive, named قادمون يا نينوى 'We are coming,' is joint effort by the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Kurdistan government (until November 2016), supported by Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi Ba'ath Party loyalists, and the Combined Joint Task Force of Operation Inherent Resolve (consisting of US forces and personnel from 30 countries).

The IOM found that 66 per cent of these displaced persons are sheltering in emergency camps, while a further 18 per cent are at 'emergency sites'.

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