The movie Snakes On A Plane just happened IRL

Wil Jones
Monday 09 January 2017 14:30
(Warner Bros.)

Snakes On A Plane was a 2006 thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson trying to save the day against a plane that is full of killer snakes (obviously).

The film isn't exactly Citizen Kane, but it's as entertaining as the title would suggest and when it was first announced it became a meme, based on its completely ludicrous and unbelievable premise.

Only it has just happened in in real life.

Yes, really. An Emirates flight from Oman to Dubai was cancelled after a snake was found wriggling around on board.

Baggage handlers found the snake on Flight EK0863 from Muscat, and it was quickly grounded before any passengers boarded the plane.

A spokesperson didn't confirm what type of snake it was, or whether it was dangerous.

It does appear however that they were able to deal with it without having to call Samuel L Jackson.

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