14 of the most jaw-dropping scenes from Planet Earth II

14 of the most jaw-dropping scenes from Planet Earth II

Veteran broadcaster, naturalist and the jewel in Britain’s eye, David Attenborough, is back with a sequel to his critically acclaimed wildlife series Planet Earth.

The final episode of the year of Planet Earth II, titled 'Cities' aired on Sunday on BBC One, which saw Attenborough travelling to urban landscapes all over the world to see which animals managed to adapt.

With six episodes now out, we've seen some absolutely spectacular footage.

Here are some of the best scenes:

1. Langur monkeys being fed in a temple

Episode six is about the urban landscape. The Langur monkeys of India are revered, and in temple grounds they are fed and allowed to roam free.

2. Pigeon attacked by Wels Cat Fish

Although pigeons have succeeded in living in cities, they still face predators. Pictured, the Wels cat fish attempts to pull the pigeon under.

3. A crab attempts to kill and eat a baby turtle

The hatchlings are completely disoriented because of the lights and sounds of the city.

Craps lie in wait, and once hatched, pounce on the baby turtle.

The above turtle managed to escape. Many didn't.

This episode drew praise because the crew put every turtle hatchling back in the sea.

4. Lionesses attempt to take down a buffalo

5. Elephants and gazelles share a waterhole

Animals share a brief moment of truce around the waterhole.

6. Sloth swimming

One of the highlights of episode one is the Pygmy Sloth – one of few hundred in existence. The male sloth receives a mating call from a female sloth and begins the journey of finding his new love. Nothing can stop him – not even deep water.

7. Iguana vs snake

In a clip that's already gone viral for its edge-of-the-seat, Indiana Jones-style tension, several baby iguanas hatch amidst a minefield of snakes. Some of them escape with their lives, including, rather unbelievably, this guy pictured above.

8. Komodo dragons fighting

These Komodo dragons are fighting for their most basic right: to mate with a waiting female. It's a fearsome sight to behold.

9. Penguins

After a long day of fishing, this male penguin survives dangerous waters filled with predators. Although, he doesn't get away completely unscathed.

The father penguin arrives back to the biggest penguin colony in the world, and quickly finds his family. As he feeds the baby penguins, the mother leaves to hunt for more food.

10. Ibex

This baby Ibex appears to be hanging precariously on a rock, but its shakiness is deceptive: the Ibex, along with its siblings, are almost as good at climbing as their parents.

11. Golden eagles fighting

The female eagle fights a large male for the remains of a dead fox, which would sustain her for days.

12. Bears

This bear rubs its scent onto a tree to get rid of some of his winter coat, and let others know he's hanging around.

13. Bobcat

After catching a small mouse in the snow, the bobcat climbs a tree and manages a larger kill - a squirrel!

14. Snow Leopard

After almost two years with her daughter, this female snow leopard is alone.

Her cub, finally grown, makes her own way into the wild.

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