Labour MP Jack Dromey criticises Corbyn then has hilarious reaction when Corbyn suddenly appears

Labour MP Jack Dromey was interviewed by ITV News on Thursday night outside the party's hustings event in Solihull, near Birmingham.

He explained to journalist Alison Mackenzie why he thought Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to be Labour leader:

Labour is divided. We need, once again, to unite. That means strong new leadership and that's why I'm supporting Owen Smith.

It means us turning outwards to the country. We can't go on talking to one another, we've got to stand up for the country...

And as if by magic, just as Dromey was criticising Corbyn, the crowd surrounding him started to cheer...

Dromey's tone suddenly changed as the party leader approached and said hello.

Oh, hi Jeremy, how are you? Good to see you.

The pair then exchanged pleasantries and Dromey even gave him a pat on the shoulder.

One commenter on social media said the video was evidence of "hypocrisy in action", but the former shadow cabinet minister dismissed it as a "civil exchange" between two people who go back years.

He was quoted by the Birmingham Mail as saying:

Our civil exchange between two people who have known each other for 40 years contrasted sharply with the shameful heckling by Jeremy’s supporters at the hustings.

Jeremy is an old friend but I do not believe he is a leader.

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