Mueller Report will be released on a CD-ROM, the 10 funniest responses

Mueller Report will be released on a CD-ROM, the 10 funniest responses

The time has come for congress to finally receive the full, redacted Robert Mueller’s report – thousands of pages worth of findings in the investigation over Russian collusion in the 2016 US elections.

And, in a throwback move, AG William Barr’s team will deliver the report to congress on a CD.

What is that? Gen-Xers ask.

Well, a relic. Kind of.

According to CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid, the report will be delivered to congress members via CD-ROMs but, before that happened, they needed to make sure they had computers with working CD drives.

People are having a field day with the CD jokes. Here are the best ones:

1. Some people want the live version of the CD... with the cast of Hamilton?

2. The 'my brother scratched it and now it won't work' line.

3. People have so many questions about CD logistics...

4. Others are pointing out the rather archaic nature of CDs.

Dropbox, anyone? zipped files?

5. And are trying to work out if Mueller's put a secret message/track/info in the CD.

6. Wu Tang fam.

7. There's also the irony of lots of Gen Xers and late millennials who don't use/probably don't know what a CD-ROM is.

Kind of like the floppy disk.

8. People aren't sure whose idea the CD-Rom was.

9. This awkward tweet...

10. But the overwhelming response to the report being released via CDs is: Y tho.

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