A mum accidentally bought her son a terrifying toy and it has scarred everyone

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A mum’s Facebook post about a Christmas present gone-awry is amusing and scaring the internet all at once.

It all began with yellies.

This is a yellie:

This, too:

Hilary Hard, who has a young son called Leo, decided to get one of these toys for him for Christmas.

The idea of yellies is that the louder you yell it at, the fast the little fuzzy spider crawls.

Yeah, this already sounds horrific.

Leo thought it was pretty horrific, too.

Hard shared Leo’s first (and probably only) interaction with the toy on Facebook:

‘Being the mother of a naturally loud and boisterous kid, I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present... well I couldn’t wait for Christmas,’ she began.

So I crack it open tonight, and get a good look at it. I test it out. I’m amazed at how powerful the little motor is... how fast the little legs move... how its creepy little eyes glow a lovely shade of radioactive green. So I call Leo in. He looks at it, cocks his little head to the side.

Obviously, Hard yelled at it.

The spider ran for it. Leo starts screaming... the louder he screams, the faster the spider pursued him.

He runs.

And this is when we discovered the fun little feature in which the spider has a tendency to stop abruptly... pause for a couple seconds... spin in several erratic circles... and then turn towards wherever it senses sound... and take off in that direction.

More screaming.

Spider runs faster. Leo is backed into a corner as murder glows green in the eyes of little “Skadoodle.”

So, in short, maybe a little electronic spider that’s [sic] power source feeds off of screams of terror... is not the best Christmas gift for your small child. 10 years from now we’ll be discussing this in therapy.

Needless to say, people online are not here for it. At. All.

‘Perfect for Halloween,’ one Facebook user wrote, 'OMG!!! Not funny but I AM CRYING OVER HERE,' another added.

Others (prone to a morbid sense of humour) thought the entire incident was hilarious


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