Mum made a 'good luck' cake to send her son off to uni, accidentally leaves rude message

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It's that time of year again, when proud parents usher their little darlings off to university, where they must finally fly the nest and fend for themselves.

It's often customary for parents to give their offspring a gift to wish them on their way, which is exactly what this mum did when she baked a 'good luck' cake for her son as she sent him on his way.

However, the well meaning gift backfired when the mum accidentally dropped the c-bomb with some misplaced icing. In meaning to write 'Good luck @ uni', the mum accidentally spelt something very, very different.

A picture of the colourfully worded cake was posted to Reddit, where it has predictably caused quite the stir, by user Yellow-SP.

It was accompanied by the casual caption:

A friend made a cake for her son last week

Predictably, many people found the photograph completely hilarious.

One commented:

What sort of person calls their son a c***?

Another said:

Absolute gold- when you head says "Good Luck @ Uni", but your heart says "Get the f*** out of my house"

A third was indignant:

Jokes aside, where the f*** was my cake for starting uni?

A less fortunate reader commented:

All I got from my mum was a kettle and a packet of condoms.

Never used either of them.

Our commiserations.


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