This mum tried to haggle private French lessons for little more than the price of a meal deal

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A parent is being dragged online for threatening the job of a French tutor after insisting she give her daughter a massive discount.

In the reddit thread, a professional translator and tutor called Anna Noblesse uploaded screengrabs of a conversation between her manager's sister - a potential employer.

They were discussing the possibility of Noblesse teaching her daughter, and the parent was initially offered a 20 per cent discount - $40 (£30.80) instead of $50 (£38.50), Boredpanda reports.

The parent didn’t think the discount was enough, and she began to push Anna to teach her child for a measly $5 (£3.80) an hour – little more than the price of a meal deal.

The conversation got increasingly heated on the mother’s end.


As I say to – my normal rate is $50 an hour however because she is his niece I will do for only $40 per hour. Weekend afternoons is best then I’m not tired from working. If I come to your home it’s better however you have option to come to my place.

The mum:

40 is much too high I was under the impression you were going to do this cheaply as a favour to – I’m thinking more along the lines of $5 an hour. Think of all the points you’ll score with the boss.

At this point Noblesse thought the mum was being sarcastic. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

The mum went on to say she thought Noblesse was doing it as a favour to her boss, and after suggesting seven dollars an hour, and finally $10, Anna had enough and said ‘no’ in her native tongue: Russian.

Mum didn’t like that at all.

“If you’re not French why are you charging so much? Your rates should be much lower. You’re not an actual French woman so my daughter’s lessons will be second hand,” she fumed.

Um, what?

Anna, who has the patience of a saint, went on to explain that she has a teaching ACTFL certification and speaks French fluently. Even if she’s not from there. Because that is a thing that can happen (!!).

The mum was on a roll though, and refused to back down, accusing the teacher of sounding “aggressive and harsh” when she used the word “no” in Russian: nyet.

And then, she threatened Anna.

He’s your boss he’s not going to like it when I tell him about this unfriendly exchange.

Eventually Anna had enough, and said she wasn’t teaching her daughter French. “Have a good day,” she wrote.

“Excuse me honey?" The mum snapped back. “Dot [sic] get snippy with me I don’t know who you think U are but don’t get get [sic] snippy with me. I’m not one of your little Russian boys I’m an adlt and you don’t have the privilege to treat me rudely.”

“Potato potato,” Anna wrote back, thoroughly done with the conversation.

Eurgh, same.

One reddit user wrote:

The nerve - so this tutor is TRILINGUAL and that idiot woman says if you’re not authentic French then you cannot charge? Wat​

In the end, Anna updated the reddit thread and told them she was called into the boss’ office after the weekend.

After explaining to him what happened, verbatim, and providing the print-out of the conversation, her manager “sighed".

I gave him a printed copy. He read it and then made a sigh noise. [He said] she must have misunderstood what I told her. Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault.

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