People around the world moved by photo of a Muslim and Jewish paramedic praying together

As our newsfeeds and apps become overwhelmed with reports of increasing death tolls, a photo has emerged as a little reminder that good people are working very hard to fight this crisis.

Avraham Mintz and Zoher Abu Jama are members of Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel's emergency response service, who work together two or three times a week.

During a quick break between call-outs, they took the time to pray together.

A religious Jew, Mintz, stands facing Jerusalem with his black and white prayer shawl hanging from his shoulders. Abu Jama, an observant Muslim, kneels on a prayer rug facing Mecca.

Mintz, who is a 42–year–old father of nine and lives in the city of Be'er Sheva in central Israel, told CNN:

The fact that it is so simple makes it so powerful. I believe that Zoher and I and most of the world understand that we have to raise our heads and pray. That's all that's left.

It’s inspiring people all over the world, cultural differences notwithstanding, to stand together in the fight against coronavirus.

Many people viewed the photo as a rare example of people coming together to fight Covid–19. Some even hoped that such inter-faith cooperation would continue in the future.

Though others have claimed that such a sight of Muslims and Jews working together is common in Israel.

Whether it's common or rare, more of this cannot be a bad thing. Coronavirus does not discriminate between religion, race, or nationality, and neither should we.

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