Naked man attacks police officer before stealing his car in Las Vegas

Naked man attacks police officer before stealing his car in Las Vegas
Jam Press Vid/Kyle Even

A naked man attacked a police officer before clambering into his patrol car and driving off during an altercation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The man – who was completely naked – was spotted in the middle of the road.

Police were called out to the scene but the nude man then turned on one officer at a set of traffic lights.

Shocked bartender, Kyle Even watched on in shock and managed to film the shocking episode on his phone.

The naked man dragged the cop across the road before swinging at him – punching him in the face.

He then jumped into the police patrol truck and drove off as the officer fell onto the ground.

The fully nude male was spotted at the intersection of Blue Diamond Road and Buffalo Drive, in Las Vegas.

Kyle, 38, said: “When I approached he veered to the lane I was in as he was following the nude man, which at the time I didn’t realise was naked.

”When I realised he and the officer were dealing with him mid-intersection, I put on my hazards and parked and pulled up my camera.

”I thought the officer was gonna handcuff him and I’d have a laugh.

”Needless to say my jaw was in my lap.”

The unnamed suspect was arrested have crashing the police truck into another vehicle shortly afterwards at 11 pm on Tuesday 31st October.

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