Here's how Nancy Cameron is making sure her father doesn't leave her in a pub again

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Sunday 12 April 2015 10:00

David Cameron's daughter Nancy will not let him [forget the time he left her in a pub when she was just eight years old.]1

According to the prime minister, his daughter "sometimes stands on a table outside the pub in Cadsden [he left her at the Cadsden Plough Inn in Buckinghamshire] recounting the story."

He told the Sunday Times (£): “Every now and again there are morris dancers so there’s competing entertainment with Nancy telling her story and me with my head in my hands.”

We like the sound of the prime minister's oldest daughter. In an interview with the Mail on Sunday last week, her mother Samantha Cameron revealed Nancy has also threatened to release a tell-all memoir about her time in Number 10. "She’s always, like, “I’m on chapter five of Daddy, How Your Life as Prime Minister Has Affected Me. Chapter two is when you left me in the pub”, and so it goes on'," she said.

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