House speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to take a jab at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – arguing that even a “glass of water” could have won her district.

Speaking at an event at the London School of Economics, she argued that Democrats’ success lies in keeping in the centre – rather than veering far left.

“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s.

And she’s a wonderful member of Congress, I think all of our colleagues will attest.

But those are districts that are solidly Democratic. This glass of water would win with a D next to its name in those districts.

“Our message, our progressive message, is down the middle,” Pelosi said. Though Ocasio-Cortez is welcome to "reach for the moon".

In June last year, the 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez unseated 19-year-old incumbent Joe Crowley, making history in the New York district in the process.

Pelosi’s argument about keeping to the centre are almost identical to comments she made about AOC on 60 Minutes a few days ago.

The House speaker told interviewer Lesley Stahl that those who prescribe to AOC’s left-wing, progressive ideals were “like, five people”.

She added: “By and large, whatever orientation they came to Congress with, they know that we have to hold the centre."

That we have to… go down the mainstream.

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