Nancy Pelosi wants to rebrand coronavirus as the “Trump virus” because he should take responsibility for its devastating effect in the US.

During a CNN interview on Tuesday, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives repeatedly used the term and claimed Trump’s “inaction” is to blame for “a good deal of what we have suffered”:

If he had said months ago ‘Let’s wear a mask… let’s socially distance’ instead of having political rallies or whatever they were, then more people would have followed his lead. He’s the president of the United States.

Instead of being a bad example [and] making it like a manhood thing not to wear a mask… it was weird because a briefing on the coronavirus should be about science and that is something the president has ignored. It should be about governance and now he’s finally embracing that it’s OK to wear a mask.

So I think a good of what we have suffered is clearly the Trump virus.

The comments came about after Trump has repeatedly tried to make the “Chinese virus” a thing.

Some people applauded the Democrat for calling the POTUS out and holding him at least partly responsible for the more than 144,000 deaths in the US.

While others weren’t so sure about “stooping” to the president’s level:

At the time of writing, the US has the most number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, totalling almost 4 million.

New York, California, Florida and Texas lead as the top four states with over 350,000 confirmed cases in each state.

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