Woman buys $4 painting from charity shop – that could now be worth $250k

Woman buys $4 painting from charity shop – that could now be worth $250k
Famous painting that covered up enslaved boy restored to original -- set …
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A woman who purchased a $4 (£3.15) painting from a charity shop may have just hit the jackpot, with experts valuing it at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Six years ago, a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous, stumbled across the artwork in Manchester, New Hampshire. She was said to be on the hunt for picture frames she could spruce up, according to New York Post.

The artwork has since been put up for auction on Bonhams Skinner, which specialises in services for fine art, antiques, jewellery and more

The listing describes the painting by Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945) as depicting "the tension between Ramona and her rigid and overbearing foster mother, Señora Moreno."

It's approximately worth between $150,000 (£118,149) to $250,000 (£196,916).

Bonhams Skinner

It comes after Elon Musk's college girlfriend bagged herself $165,000 (£144,000) from snaps from their one-year relationship.

Jennifer Gwynne, 48, from South Carolina, dated the tech mogul during university before he broke things off to move to California.

Gwynne turned to Boston-based RR Auction with a collection of never-before-seen photos, a copy of his original coursework ($7,753/£6,793), a 14k-gold gifted necklace ($51,008/£44,690) and a birthday card in which he calls her "boo boo" ($16,643/£14,583).

The photos show a youthful Musk hanging out with his then-girlfriend and friends on and around campus.

Speaking about their relationship to the Daily Mail, Gwynne shared: "We met in the fall of 1994. I was a junior, and he was a senior... we were in the same dorm, and we worked together.

"His shy nature attracted me at first... he used to be my type," she said, before describing Musk as "sweet, kind, smart and engaging."

She continued: "He was very intense, very focused on his studies. Back then he was always talking about electric cars... he was definitely going somewhere. He just saw school as a stepping stone."

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