Neo-Nazi who wants an 'all-white Britain' doesn't seem to know what a white person actually looks like

A member of neo-Nazi youth movement National Action has been caught on camera admitting he can't tell whether someone is white or not, somewhat undermining his calls for an "all white Britain".

Members of the group held a small demonstration in Bath city centre over the weekend.

Deputy leader Alex Davies was handing out leaflets when he was approached by a mother and daughter who filmed their conversation.

Gesturing towards her daughter, the woman asked whether she should be "booted out" of the country because she's mixed race.

He replies "I don't know, she looks white to me". When the mum tells him she's mixed race, his response is:

Well I mean you’re saying that, but you could just be saying that for argument’s sake.

A formidable intellectual opponent, this bloke.

Sensing he's not going to win this round, Davies and friends retreat. The woman shouts "Go on, f--k off" after them, to applause from passersby.

The video of the exchange is absolutely excruciating - so here it is, via Hope Not Hate:

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